Company Name: Pergam-Suisse AG
Contact: Aaron Bufton
Telephone: +41 43 268 4335

Pergam-Suisse and sister companies in the USA and Italy specialize in laser-based natural gas leak/methane detection equipment ranging from small easy-to-use handheld devices to UAV sensor payload to helicopter-based inspection services internationally. We also provide helicopter-based electrical powerline fault inspections worldwide.

Company Name: Seaco Global Ltd
Contact: Glenn Isola
Telephone: (+27) 2 1702 3631
Mobile: (+27) 827 829 004

Founded as Sea Containers in 1965, Seaco is one of the largest global container leasing companies and a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate, HNA. Seaco has global representation in EMEIA, Asia, Americas & Oceania, operating a diversified fleet of Dry, Reefer, Tank and Specials containers. Tanks include standard/special tanks such as cement tanks, gas tanks, baffle tanks and swapbodies.

Company Name: PCE Instruments UK Ltd
Contact: Stefanie Balkenhol
Telephone: (+44) 2380987030
Fax: (+44) 2380987039

PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of test devices, control systems, laboratory equipment and scales and balances with headquarters in Germany and several offices around the world, e. g. in the UK and US. The product range includes but is not limited to equipment for condition monitoring, viscometers, Shore durometers, force gauges, lux meters, particle counters, industrial borescopes, various types of data loggers, industrial hanging scales, etc.

Company name:   Real Time Instruments

Contact: Michael Edwards

Telephone: +61 7 4955 5944



Real Time Instruments designs, manufactures, markets, installs and maintains a range of on-belt analysers for the coal, minerals and cement industries. Based on designs from the world’s leading technology and mining research universities, the analysers are backed by a network of local agents, who are in turn, remotely supported by RTI’s group of in-house engineers. Using the analyser’s minute-by-minute results, plants operate more efficiently, have higher yields and a longer lifetime.

Company Name: BRIO Ultrasonics

Contact: Vicente Aledón

Telephone: +34 96 134 11 09



BRIO Ultrasonics is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of ultrasonic cleaning machines.

We specialize in standard and customized projects according to customer requirements. Our machines have multiple applications such as the cleaning and overhaul of gas and diesel engines for the mining sector, industrial vehicles, cogeneration, gas and oil, processing plants, etc.

Our exclusive technology performs a total cleaning of the parts with maximum energy efficiency, significantly reducing consumption and washing times. In addition, our machines are highly robust, ensuring their durability in the most demanding working conditions.

BRIO machines achieve optimum results in very short times, providing great savings in the maintenance process of the parts to be treated.

Company name: Kaytech Engineered Fabrics


+27 31 717 2300

or contact Reshad Hassen (Exports) at + (27) 60 521 33 04

Email address:

Fax number: +27 31 702 4477

Website hyperlink: 

About Kaytech:

‘Kaytech has provided the Southern African Civil Engineering industry with geotextiles and geosynthetic solutions since 1971. Kaytech also manufactures nonwoven continuous filament needle punched polyester bidim®-A grade geotextile; RockGrid®PC warp knit polyester composite geotextiles and geogrids as well as EnviroFix® geosynthetic clay liners.

Kaytech’s product range and expertise cover drainage and filtration, separation and reinforcement, road maintenance and rehabilitation, load support and earth retention, water and waste containment liners, hydraulic construction, erosion protection, waterproofing, and liner protection.

To be of greater service to our customers by extending comprehensive technical and design support covering a wide range of geosynthetic products that are complementary to our tried and tested bidim® product. There is: Always a Better Solution®

Besides our 5 branches operating nationally, our Exports department supplies to the rest of Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, the Middle East, South America and parts of South East Asia.’