Africa Mining Insight is a niche product, which means Advertisers benefit from its targeted approach. Its readers are the buyers of your products and services – the decision makers. The journal has positioned itself in the Service and Exploration companies, Geologists, Engineers, Buying /
Procurement staff and Mining Service Businesses, Banking Institutions which offers mining capital
funding, Colleges and Universities offering mining related courses. All the African Mining houses both government and private owned.

Advertisers are responsible for the appearance, quality and effectiveness of their advertising. Africa Mining Insight makes no guarantee concerning reader response to advert. Display advertising must be inserted in at least three monthly issues annually to earn a frequency discount. More than one ad per issue will qualify for frequency rates. Advertising ordered at frequency discount rate and not earned will be billed at the earned rate [short rate}. Mixed sizes in the campaign are acceptable. No cash rebates will be made.


Website ad positions charged quarterly
Africa Mining Insight is Africa s leading source of independent information and research for key decision makers in Agriculture and all related industries.

TOP BANNER [1] R 4,800/$358
Located in prime position at the top of the site
Size: 468 pixels [w] x 60 pixels [h]

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Located below the menu bar and at the base of side pages.
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Located at the top right and left hand sides of all site pages
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MEDIUM RECTANGLE [4] R 2,000/$ 150
Size: 300 pixels [w] x 250 pixels [h]

*Advertisements appear on rotational basis. Share of voice minimum 1:7. If a flash file is supplied, a GIF file must also be supplied as back up for web browsers that don’t support Flash.

Maximum file size: 80 kb. File type: .swf [flash movie] or animated . gif

$ 1,520\R 23,500: Double Page Advert
$ 980\ R 15,300: Full Page Advert
$ 760\R 10,350: Half Page Advert
$ 620\R 8,200: Third Page Advert
$ 530\R 7,200: Quarter Page Advert
$ 1,310\R17,580: Inside Front Cover Advert
$ 1,310\R17,580: Inside Back Cover Advert
$ 2,020\R27,100: Front Cover Advert
$ 2,020\R27,100: Back Cover Advert

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