, RS South Africa, a trading brand of RS Group plc (LSE: RS1), a global provider of product and service solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with Sharps Electrical, a leading electrical wholesaler and contractor in Botswana. This collaboration marks a significant stride towards fostering innovation and sustainable growth in the Sub-Saharan African region.


Signed on 1 April, the partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver superior products and services to customers in the region. Prosper Shoniwa, Exports Business Development & Operational Manager at RS, highlights the importance of this collaboration: “This partnership is crucial for RS as it strengthens our presence in the Botswana market.”


He adds: “It aligns with our strategic goal of expanding in key regions to drive growth across Sub-Saharan Africa. By collaborating with Sharps Electrical, known for its reliability and consistency, we can ensure our products are more accessible to the market and offer robust aftersales support. We believe Sharps Electrical is the ideal partner to help us achieve our growth objectives.”


With over fifty years of operational excellence in Botswana, Sharps Electrical provides invaluable local market insights and proficiency. Jose Xavier, Operations Director at Sharps Electrical, expresses his excitement about the partnership: “Our aim is to diversify our product portfolio in conjunction with RS to advance our shared objective of expanding our market presence in Botswana. Together, we can introduce innovative products and foster collaborative efforts to deliver impactful supply and service solutions to our customers.”


The partnership will focus on selling and supporting the comprehensive product range that RS currently offers. This includes electrical components, tools, and advanced engineering solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of the Botswana market. Sharps Electrical will serve as the in-country point of contact for RS, ensuring customers have direct access to technical support and customer care.


By combining the strengths and expertise of both companies, the partnership aims to enhance the customer experience in Botswana. The collaboration will enable the provision of a wider range of high-quality products tailored to meet customer needs. Furthermore, investments in training and development initiatives will empower staff to deliver exceptional customer service, thereby nurturing local partnerships and enhancing logistical efficiency.


Shoniwa adds that the partnership is a significant step in RS’ overall growth and expansion strategy. “It not only enhances our presence and operational capabilities in Africa but also presents significant advantages for Sharps Electrical.


“By establishing a local partnership in Botswana, RS aims to engage with customers more intimately, offering tailored support and fostering enduring relationships. This strategic move not only expands our geographical footprint but also ensures enhanced service delivery, crucial components of RS’ strategy for sustainable growth and market penetration in new regions,” concludes Shoniwa.


To learn more, visit the RS South Africa website


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