Revolutionizing Pipeline Solutions: Introducing SLUR-e-JOIN by Hydro Transport Piping Solutions



In the heart of South Africa, nestled in Wadeville, Johannesburg, lies the hub of innovation at Hydro Transport Piping Solutions (HTPS) (Pty). With a focus on servicing the mining, sewer, and water industries across Sub Saharan Africa and beyond, HTPS stands as a beacon of excellence, driven by internationally patented trademarked technologies and strategic partnerships.

At the core of HTPS’s offerings lies the concept of hydro transportation – a highly cost-effective method of bulk solids transport over vast distances, achieved by pumping material through pipelines using water or other liquids as a medium. However, it’s not just about the concept; it’s about the execution, and HTPS excels in this arena.

HTPS specializes in the manufacturing of new HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) lined spools, ranging up to impressive 18-meter lengths and sizes varying from 100mm (114mm OD) to 800mm (810mm OD). But what truly sets them apart is their latest innovation: SLUR-e-JOIN™ connections.

SLUR-e-JOIN™ represents the next generation in medium to high flanged HDPE lined steel pipe spools. This patented product boasts a radical design yet remains fully interchangeable with other HDPE lined pipes and rubber-lined products. The benefits are manifold: superior rigidity compared to other jointing systems, thanks to its flange-to-flange design; embedded stubs for enhanced alignment, anchoring, and liner support; and a sealing interface that ensures reliability and durability.

Moreover, all pipes are internally “tite-fit” lined through a meticulous radial reduction process, complete with HDPE welding adhering to ISO 21307:2027 standards, overseen by qualified welding technicians. This attention to detail not only guarantees quality but also installs confidence in the reliability of HTPS solutions.

The advantages of the SLUR-e-JOIN™ jointing system translate directly into tangible benefits for customers. From reduced overall product costs to improved onsite installation efficiency and enhanced pressure capabilities, SLUR-e-JOIN™ offers a comprehensive, one-stop solution for pipeline needs.

As we look to the future, HTPS continues to push the boundaries of innovation in pipeline solutions. With SLUR-e-JOIN™ leading the charge, we can anticipate even greater efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in bulk solids transport, further cementing HTPS’s position as a leader in the field.

In conclusion, SLUR-e-JOIN™ by Hydro Transport Piping Solutions represents not just a product, but a paradigm shifts in pipeline technology. It’s a testament to ingenuity, expertise, and a relentless commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of the industry.

HTPS – Hydro Transport Piping Solutions


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