Fluid Systems Africa has recently been appointed as the official partner of Arpol flexible pipe couplings in Africa. Arpol designs and manufactures flexible joints for the connection and repair of all types of pipes and industries.

Arpol flexible couplings connect pipes better, faster, safer and at a lower overall cost than conventional systems.

Our Scope of Supply

Arpol was founded in 1976 in Barcelona and specialises in design and manufacturing of flexible couplings for all types of pipes and applications.

We supply a wide range of couplings for many applications. Our size range is 48mm to 3000mm and pressures from PN16 up to 1300mm, and PN10 up to 2000mm

Some of the sectors that put their trust in our flexible couplings are water purification and treatment plants, chemical industry, power stations, domestic installations, civil construction and engineering, mining, and bottling plants. But they are not all, as we continue to seek out new sectors where we can be of assistance.

In many cases, new pipelines involve pipe materials that are different from the previously installed pipes, and can create diameter differences that even though minimal, can become an inconvenience when old and new lines are to be connected.

Arpol couplings can be used to repair any point of the line, but also to connect dismantling pipes to different hydraulic pieces (valves, pumps, etc.) as well as different material pipes.

Arpol couplings are a great solution to connect different diameters and make them the most reliable tool for hydraulic sealing. All Arpol couplings allow certain tolerance to solve common old-line problems like angular deflections, pipe separations, settlement corrections, rough surfaces etc.

Quality is our guarantee.

Our mission is to offer our customers the best possible solution to the problem they face. To us every project is unique, and we do our best to offer the flexible coupling that best meets the customer’s needs.

Our products are guaranteed by the constant quality inspection they undergo in our Barcelona factory.

Solutions are our identity.

We attach great importance to our R&D&I department. Our goal has always been to offer solutions to the challenges that arise in the market. The world evolves and we evolve with it, so we are in a constant process of innovation.

“Because connecting matters” is not just a slogan, it is a way of working. We take the time to listen to and understand the individual needs of all our customers.

We are present in more than 40 countries, and we aim to be in many more including Africa.

Contact us for more info.

Fluid Systems Africa

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