Ultrasonic Cleaning Solutions for the Mining Sector


The BRIO Ultrasonics team has more than 35 years of experience in ultrasonic cleaning machines for the maintenance of gas and diesel engines for the mining sector, industrial vehicles, cogeneration, naval, oil and gas, etc. BRIO develops specific solutions for each client, with standard and customized projects, covering all cleaning requirements and meeting the most demanding safety and quality regulations.

The four factors of BRIO ultrasonic cleaning are: ultrasonic vibration, cleaning fluid, temperature and time. The system works by immersing the parts in the cleaning fluid, which is mostly water with a percentage of detergent that enhances the cleaning effect. BRIO machines work with all types of metals, both carbon steel and cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, as well as plastics, rubbers, etc.

BRIO ultrasonic cleaning performs a complete and deep cleaning that reaches all the complex points of the geometry of the parts. In this way, it is possible to completely eliminate the burned oil, the charcoal and all those dirt embedded in engine blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, intercoolers, collectors, turbos, etc. It is a process free of contaminants that also does not need labor during its execution, and whose design can be adapted to the size of any part.

Main advantages of BRIO Ultrasonics machines:

  • High ultrasonic cleaning power. The BRIO ultrasonics cavitation effect produces powerful microscopic implosions in the fluid, which results in a complete cleaning of complex parts with all kinds of cavities.
  • Maximum energy efficiency. BRIO’s technology, thanks to its unique manufacturing process, takes full advantage of ultrasonic power, providing a larger vibration transmission surface to the cleaning fluid. This translates into better cleaning results with less installed power and high energy savings.
  • Homogeneity and speed in cleaning. The location of the ultrasonic emitters, adapted according to machine design, allows all models to have maximum cleaning power throughout the volume of the fluid.
  • Robustness and durability for optimal work 24/7. The use of the best STAINLESS steels, structural profiles and perimeter reinforcements of high thicknesses avoids problems with temperature changes and high work demands. In addition, thanks to their unique manufacturing process, ultrasonic emitters have superior mechanical strength for continuous and reliable work at maximum power.
  • Automation and advanced cleaning features. Elevator with loading grill, OPS oil decantation system to extend the life of the fluid and optional functions of automatic filling and emptying, filtering, detergent dosing, etc.
  • Ease of handling. Touch screen with intuitive interface, manual and automatic modes of use and configuration of all functions.

The BRIO Ultrasonics PRO Series collects automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines with standard and custom capacities up to 15000 liters of capacity.  A benchmark within the PRO Series is the BR-3000 PRO, a machine with capacity for parts up to 2050 x 1080 x 1300 mm and with 1500 Kg of elevator load capacity. Its characteristics allow the complete cleaning of all types of parts, including large engine blocks, from which it completely eliminates paint, accumulations of grease, charcoal and rust in the case of iron engines.

BRIO Ultrasonics’ unique technology  achieves total part cleanliness with a noticeable improvement in energy efficiency, longer service life and shorter washing times compared to other systems. With lower consumption, BRIO machines achieve optimal results in very short times, providing great savings in engine maintenance and remanufacturing processes

The official houses Caterpillar, Komatsu, Liebherr, Volvo, Cummins and Deutz, among others, rely on BRIO Ultrasonics machines for the maintenance of industrial engines and the reconstruction of engines in the mining industry, gas, oil, naval, cogeneration, etc.



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