Duplicating Mines in the Virtual world


Most mining sites are located in remote places making it difficult for workers , engineers, designers, and project teams to access them . Creation of virtual mines streamlines this process by connecting all the disjointed teams and making it easier for them to access the mines or work together even when they are not all at the site at the same time.

Tecknotrove creates detailed replicas of mines with the help of detailed site study and data collection so that you can access your own mine in a virtual environment without having to leave the centre or cross the safety limits. Custom Mine Sites from TecknoSIM are tailored to suit the actual operational procedures and mine environmental conditions.

“Our teams use Cad /engineering drawings ,actual photographs and videos from sites to recreate replicas of mine environments. Custom mine sites are regularly updated with changes and updations in actual mine sites.” says Shantanu Gupta – Director Tecknotrove Systems .

Duplication of mines includes exact replicas on landmarks , road rules, loading dumping parking areas , mine site movement of vehicles and pedestrians, accident prone areas, weather conditions ,Duplicate mines in VR makes the entire mining process safe and more effective by allowing continuous training of mining operators, workers, managers which is not possible on actual mines .

By putting on the VR headset , one experiences a virtual environment that is similar to the mining site. New trainees and recruits get a better understanding of what is expected of them and how to handle different work situations. They can inspect every part of the site and even interact with the different virtual objects around them which directly leads to higher learning retention and better results. Experienced workers get trained on advanced skills and emergency situations. Training on Custom Mines prepares operators for site-related operating procedures, emergencies, specific procedural training, site familiarization that enhances the abilities of the operators.

Virtual mines are also used to conduct virtual tour, where users can fly over the site to view orebodies in the ground with different minerals highlighted. Virtual mines allows organisations to build entire operations and travel through every stage of the mine life without even leaving the office.

As one of Asia’s leading VR training & simulation companies, Tecknotrove has vast experience in developing cutting edge solutions for the mining industry for both surface mines and underground mines. Tecknotrove develops customized virtual training solutions for critical training applications for the mining industry. They develop fully customized VR training solutions that are capable of offering immersive learning experiences which can directly lead to higher productivity and efficiency in mining operations. They have worked with some of the largest mining companies in the world including Debswana Mines, Rio Tino, Sesa Goa . They also work with some of the largest OEMS like Komatsu, Caterpillar, BEML, Volvo to name a few.

Written By: Payal Gupta – Co- Founder & Director- Business Development at Tecknotrove Systems ( Simulation and VR Training)

To contact the company you can visit www.tecknotrove.com or write to them on sales@tecknotrove.com.



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