Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Equipment


With the prosperity and development of the mining industry, there are more and more job opportunities for conveyor belt maintenance. Qingdao Leno Industry Co.,Ltd from China produces various types of conveyor belt joint vulcanizers and their parts;

The ASVP vulcanizers of various sizes produced by our company are suitable for various rubber conveyor belts from 500mm to 3000mm. We have conventional models of conveyor belts with widths from 500mm to 1800mm, and we often maintain a certain inventory to meet the needs of customers for fast delivery; our customers can customize their own special size vulcanizers according to the needs of their own projects; especially High-strength steel cord rubber conveyor belts with a width of 1800mm or more and when combined heating plates are required. Usually a vulcanizing machine is produced and tested within 15 natural days after the order is confirmed.

We often receive such inquiries:

Question 1: Customers need to replace damaged parts for their existing vulcanizers.

Our reply: Yes, we can provide suitable accessories for your vulcanizer, including but not limited to heating elements, pressure bags, electric control boxes, cables, etc.

Question 2: Customers will ask whether the price of separately purchased accessories is very expensive?

Our reply: Our price will be much lower than the original parts prices of European or Canadian manufacturers; at the same time, our delivery time will be better. The price of separately purchased accessories is higher due to customs fees and transportation (usually air freight) costs than when purchasing the vulcanizer at the same time. Therefore, we sometimes recommend that customers purchase spare heating elements and Pressure bag for easy replacement after several years.

To purchase reliable and reasonably priced vulcanizers and accessories, please contact:

Qingdao Leno Industry Co.,Ltd

Jack Han

Sales Manager

Mobile/WhatsApp: +86-13061240515




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