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Diesel engine-powered equipment is widely used in the underground mining industry worldwide; however, its extensive utilization generates the potential for miners’ exposure to harmful diesel emissions. In order to address this major challenge, after-treatment control technologies have been effectively used to reduce Diesel Particulate Matter (PM) and other emissions. Although the mining industry utilizes Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) to reduce the PM, it needs to consider the effects that these controls may have on Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) concentrations. Nett Technologies developed advanced emission control systems that help to reduce these dangerous emissions.

Nett Technologies Inc. is an innovative company located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Canada, specializing in developing, designing, and manufacturing of emission control solutions for compression and spark-ignition engines. With over 25 years of manufacturing experience, we offer the most advanced 3-Way Catalytic Converters, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs), Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs), and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems currently available on the market. They are great at reducing Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), and PM emissions generated from the engine exhaust. As a leader of the industry, Nett Technologies offers the largest list of Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), California Air Resource Board (ARB), and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed/verified emission control products on the market.

Nett Technologies’ DOCs are designed specifically for diesel engines. Offered with metallic (M-Series™) or ceramic (D-Series™) substrates, they reduce CO, HC, and up to 25% of PM. With over 7000 direct-fit and universal-fit DOC designs available and our large highly, experienced engineering department, the company is well-positioned to meet and satisfy any OEM specifications with the addition of superior emission reduction performance. Using the technology that has been verified by EPA, the rugged construction of M-Series™ DOC provides excellent mechanical durability and is designed to last for the lifespan of the engine. Furthermore, D-Series™ DOC technology includes zeolite-based hydrocarbon traps superior low-temperature activity and control of diesel odor. In addition, Nett Technologies developed its special proprietary NO2 suppressing catalyst coating, which can be applied for mining applications when a secondary NO2 emissions reduction is required. Compact in design, inexpensive, easy to install, and maintenance-free, these reliable and high-performance DOCs are one of the solutions to underground emission control needs.

Developed for medium and heavy-duty diesel engines, Nett Technologies’ GreenTRAP™-Series DPFs were designed as the industries’ most effective solution for diesel PM control (black soot removal). Manufactured using either cordierite or silicon carbide, these robust and reliable DPFs are specifically built for the mining applications and sized to the engine make, model and OE backpressure specifications. In addition, a proprietary NO2 suppressing catalyst coating can be applied. The system with such configuration allows the engine to operate below the allowable 50ppm NO2 at the tailpipe over a machine’s entire duty cycle. Nett Technologies Inc. offers a variety of DPF systems that work across a very broad temperature range providing optimal performance based on the vehicle duty cycle. The passive filters (GreenTRAP™ 100 and GreenTRAP™ 100d-Series) are generally utilized on engines that operate under heavy loads, while active filters (GreenTRAP™ NOVA 100-Series) are used on engines that have a lighter duty cycle. When the temperature is insufficient for passive regeneration, hydrocarbon injections are used to increase the exhaust temperature for active regeneration. The Nett Technologies GreenTRAP™ 100-Series DPF is recognized and listed by MSHA, and GreenTRAP™ NOVA 100-Series is verified by EPA, so the customers can have peace of mind knowing they are using the best-proven technologies.

The Nett Technologies’ BlueMAX™-Series SCR systems are designed to control NOx emissions from medium and heavy-duty diesel engines in mining applications. Available with the DOC (BlueMAX™ 100d-Series), passive DPF (BlueMAX™ PLUS 100-Series), or active DPF (BlueMAX™ NOVA 100-Series), these EPA verified systems are custom-designed to provide the optimum performance for the intended application. Highly efficient in operation, Nett Technologies’ SCR systems allow the mining industry not only meet the latest regulations, but also extend the usage of the existing mining equipment. With our integrated approach of application engineering and manufacturing, Nett Technologies SCR’s are offered as a direct-fit design that provides a customized, cost-effective solution simplifying the installation.

Understanding the challenges that mines have to overcome in today’s strict regulatory requirements, our goal is to provide a healthier and safer work environment by custom-tailoring the emission control solutions to the demand of each application. Bringing forward Nett Technologies’ unique approach to these challenges, the company has successfully implemented thousands of systems with complex thermal management, confined spaces, sound attenuation, backpressure limits, and low tailpipe emissions requirements. With the highly technical on-site consulting, we work closely with our customers to deliver the best functionality, durability, and ease of product installation and maintenance.

Sold and supported globally, Nett Technologies has the emissions control system to assist any mining equipment in meeting their emission regulatory compliance needs. From scoop trams, drill jumbos, and large dump trucks to on-site small utility diesel engines, discover today the many ways Nett Technologies can help reduce your mining diesel engine emissions. For more information, visit

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