Submersible Dredging Systems for Deep-water Applications.


Silvercrest/SME offer high quality, robust and reliable, water jetting pumps complete with submersible motors for subsea dredging operations in deep water.  We specialize in the bespoke manufacturing of submersible motors, HPU’s, and pumps for use on Rovs, subsea trenchers, subsea ploughs, dredgers, and water lift pump systems, for use offshore. We offer a 2- pole, or 4-pole motor, coupled to our own designed pump (especially designed for dredging and trenching applications). Depth rating is 3000msw plus.

For example:

SME ROV18-2, 400kW, 2 Pole, 3300/3/60, SS316 Construction Subsea Motor. With SME 4V1600 SS316 Construction Water Pump with NAB Impeller. To produce 800m3/hr at 12 Bar.  Motor will be fitted with Thermex Heat Exchanger, and Caproni Gear pump for closed loop oil cooling. Pump designed for Subsea Jetting applications with no pump bearings.

SME ROV14-4, 185kW, 4 Pole, 4160/3/60, SS316 Construction Subsea Motor. Fitted to SME SS316 Construction/NAB Impeller Water Pump to produce 390m3/hr at 16 Bar.

The SME Jetting Pump can also be offered complete with a 265kW, 2- Pole, 3300V 60Hz, 3500rpm, all 316 Stainless Steel motor. The Pump is single stage with the impeller mounted directly onto the motor shaft (So no pump bearings to wear).  This Impeller is easily removed and replaced as the only wear point.  This pump provides flow rates from 1000-1500m3/h.

We offer a range of submersible motors (2Kw to 1000Kw) with a choice of voltages (ranging from 380vac to 6600vac) for use subsea to depths of 6000msw. All of these motors are available in either SS316, Duplex, Super Duplex, or Hard Anodized Aluminium finish. We also design and build motors to suit individual and special project requirements.

We have supplied submersible motors, HPUs, and motor-pump sets to numerous subsea companies.



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