Automated Weighing Technologies & Solutions for the Mining Sector



The innovative technologies of UHF (ultrahigh high-frequency), RFID (radio-frequency identification), cloud database, mobile apps, and customized software (SaaS) have created an enormous scope of efficiency and productivity improvements with accuracy and cost savings through smart automation and data integration of Weighbridges and Vehicles’ movement at Mines, Quarry, and Crushers.

The low-cost tech solutions of the innovation-driven technologies of recent times have made automated vehicles weighing, tracking with data transfer achievable and affordable even for the small and medium-size mining and crushing sites. There is a 100% assured return on investments in a short time.

Operatorless Weighbridge Automation and Trip Counting Automations are possible through combinations of hardware and software developed for round-the-clock secured weighments under CCTV surveillance, with real-time online reporting of weighing data, integration with ERP database, remote excess, and customization to the specific site’s requirement.

Site based custom automation delivers secure and smart weighment systems with the combination of cutting edge UHF or RFID standard out-of-the-box solutions for challenges faced in logistics operations across the Mining industry. Photo-capturing, video recording, safe storage or transfer of data including integration with SAP or ERP. The smart card to drivers or sticker tags on the windscreen of the vehicles enables automatic weighing, identification, tracking, and data reporting with 7×24 operations reliability, eliminating dependence on human interface (operator or manpower).

Mobile technology has become a game-changer in disseminating data with timely delivery of reports and information to the mine managers so as to get accurate and enhanced fleet efficiency.  Android mobile software is being developed for keeping track of the movements of the vehicle, transportation monitoring including GPS tracking, smart weighbridge management, MIS, and bills, etc.

A combination of innovative technologies (SaaS) for logistics and data transfer includes the followings features: 

➢    Unmanned Weighment – no operator required, round-the-clock operations with reduce weighing cycle time at the weighbridge platform,

➢     Trip Counting and Surveillance – automating dispatcher’s daily round-the-clock operations from mines to loading/unloading sites,

➢      Anti-theft Security Checks – eliminate pilferages and frauds, restrict double weighment of the same vehicle, verify vehicle identity,

➢      Photo Capturing – weighment under CCTV surveillance with videography,

➢      Data Management – secured and structured database for controlling, reporting, and integrating with ERP/SAP,

➢      E-Reporting – transferring weighing data with photographs through email or SMS,

➢      Positioning Sensors – restrict manipulation in vehicle positioning on Weighbridge platform,

➢      Mobile Technology and Apps – Vehicle Tracking Management, Weighments, Payment and Balance Details, data-Integration, and need-based customized applications.

Smart automation is possible for old or new weighbridges irrespective of capacity, make, or age.  The IT engineer assesses the exact requirement and then designs an integrated customized package of hardware and software for automation that is for the smooth round-the-clock (24x7x365) weighments, saving on operators’ cost and weighing cycle time.  Reduced waiting time with a drastic increase in weighbridge productivity for the number of vehicles weighed per day.

The secured database created on the cloud or integrated with ERP/SAP can be remotely accessed for the generation of reports on desired formats. The datewise vehicles database is stored for any future date access till desired.

The economic and affordable state of the art technology of automation is a result of continuous developments of Software as a Service (SaaS) and perfections by a highly accomplished team of IT Engineers, who have been delivering the need-based automation and logistics solutions with successful implementations in over 100 industries including Sugar, Oil, Cement, Steel, Paper Plants, and Mining Sites all over India, Nepal, and Nigeria. The team has pioneered in services that include specific designing of the integrated process, supply of hardware with customized software, installation, commissioning, and warranty with after-sales service. Supervision of installation and commissioning made possible online for integrated automation movement and weighing of tankers between port and factory.

UHF Automation of Weighbridge with Vehicles’ monitoring from port to plant was commissioned successfully at Raffles Oil LFTZ Enterprise, Lagos Nigeria. Including database integration with ERP and reporting from remote excess.  Custom software developed and uploaded in record time during the covid pandemic in 2020 including hardware shipment and commisioning through onliner supervision from India. Integrated system functioning utmost satisfactorily under operator-less mode. Weighing time reduced to less than 50 seconds for each Vehicle, no operator required with round-the-clock operations. Second and third projects under implementation. Excellent ROI assured.

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The author, Dr. Sunil Garg is an Industrial Engineer from India with over 40 years of experience in research, tech consultancy, product development, and IT services through innovation-driven startups. He can be contacted at +91 8810602060 (WhatsApp) or Email:



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