The Panama Canal Goes Green!

Laser Tools Co., Inc. helped build the Panama Canal Extension by supplying tunneling lasers that insure accurate excavation.  The GL350 Green Laser Technology™ Mining Alignment Laser was chosen for its long-distance performance and bright green laser beam.  “Green laser light is 10 (ten) times brighter than red laser light” says Joe Wortsmith, President of Laser Tools Co., Inc.  This means that you can see the beam better and shoot farther without having to move the laser equipment.  This speeds the excavation process and saves money.

The GL350 Green Laser Technology™ Mining Alignment Laser is made from solid brass, includes tabs and brackets for Spad mounting to the roof and operates on 2 D size batteries.  It’s also certified intrinsically safe by the Mine Safety and Health Administration for use in Methane/Air environments.  This is required when mining and tunneling in gaseous and hazardous underground environments like coal mines.  Options include line generator lens, mounting configurations, beam steering optics that permit the beam to be precisely positioned without moving the laser itself and remote operation.  Additional optics extend the operating range of the GL350 to over 3,500 ft. (1Km) and beyond.

For more information contact Laser Tools Co., Inc., 12101 Arch St., Little Rock, AR 72206, Phone 501-562-0900, FAX 501-562-0022, Web site, e mail


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