Talpa Sonic Drilling Products and ROVD Group present a brand-new Sonic drilling head to the market


What is Sonic drilling?

Sonic is an advanced form of drilling that uses high frequency resonance energy that is generated in the Sonic head to drive a drilling string into geological formations. During drilling the resonance energy with high frequencies is transmitted to the drill surface via the drill string. By simultaneously rotating the drill string, energy and impact are evenly distributed over the drilling surface. This special combination of energy blow, ensures that almost all formations can be drilled in (from clay, gravel and sand to rock) with maximum productivity.

Why Sonic drilling?

The high vibration ensures minimal disturbance of the sample due to the physical law of inertia. The mass of the sample simply does not have the time to react to the vibrations of the sampling casing. Our Sonic drill head can even vibrate up to 160 Hertz. This means that the drill string moves up and down 160 times per second, and the drill bit will hit the formation 160 times a second and will also rotate at the same time.

Why for mining?

– High quality soil samples

– Good drilling results in almost all formations (also mixed formations)

– Drilling speed especially in difficult and mixed formations, compared to other drilling techniques

– Less drilling wastes

– Less contamination of the drilling sample

Specification Sonic head

Vibration metric imperial
Frequency max. 0 – 160 Hz 0 – 160 Hz
Centrifugal 150 kN 33,7 k lbf
Rotary drive    
Torque 2300 Nm / 280 bar 1210 lb-ft / 4060 psi
Rotation max. 215 U/min 215 rpm


Why us?

  • Sonic drilling head can be mounted on almost all existing sonic drilling rigs
  • Sonic drilling head is easy to maintain
  • No expensive extra water swivel needed
  • Always a spare head on stock
  • Inhouse build drilling rig will be available soon
  • The service we and our partners provide for you
  • We also can provide you with an easy to use casing handling system

 Who we are?

Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH from Germany together with Talpa Sonic Drilling Products from the Netherlands developed a totally new Rotosonic head that is easy to maintain and highly reliable. This new head is built inhouse by Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH. This made in Germany Sonic drilling head is sold all around the world exclusively by Talpa Sonic Drilling Products and ROVD Group.

TALPA Sonic Drilling Products specialises in the delivery of, but not only, sonic drilling goods in the broadest sense. Inhouse we have more than 20 years of experience in Sonic drilling. (www.talpasonicdrillingproducts.eu )

ROVD is an end to end industrial automation company, specialising in the design and manufacture of engineering solutions. (https://rovdgroup.com/)



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