A dependable emergency stop in the critical moment – the Pull Rope Switch


Industrial conveying systems for bulk material and individually packaged goods involve increased risks for people and equipment. A back-up on the conveying system, a falling item, entanglement between belt and rollers – special safety measures are required so that it is possible to react quickly in an emergency.

Quality ensures safety – It must be possible to stop the conveyor belt immediately at any point along the entire line using a pull wire emergency stop switch.

This is only possible with a pull wire emergency stop switch with a high-quality pull wire that functions reliably. Our pull wire emergency stop switches are designed in a way that the conveyor belt also shuts down automatically if the pull wire breaks. It is only possible to switch back on the conveyor belt once the emergency stop switch has been unlocked again manually. This ensures that a real person has to go and check the situation before turning on the conveyor belt and no manual override can carelessly start the belt again. Long lines and harsh conditions – our double-sided pull rope switch is designed exactly for these situations. One switch ensures safety for up to 100m.  For the emergency stop switches, depending on the requirement (e.g. usage in salt-laden sea air), you can select between a housing made of aluminum or high grade platic, up to three normally closed and normally open contacts, and the incorporation of indicators and pressure equalization.

Aditionally for areas that are at risk of explosion by dust you should make sure to use switches with certified ATEX /IECEx testing.

Precise position switches for misalignment

As the conveyor belt drifts, the edge of the belt touches the roller lever on the misalignment switch. Depending on the deflection, a pre-warning is signaled or a shutdown is triggered. In this way you can prevent unnecessary costs due to the loss of material and detect uneven belt wear at an early stage.

Limit switches with roller lever function

Position limit switches are limit switches with an actuating lever equipped with a roller or similar feature. If a workpiece or part of the machine, even a crane on rails moves against this roller, a cam in the switch rotates; this cam actuates the contacts and an electrical signal is sent. The next work step is triggered. Along with a simple roller lever, the switches can also have an angled roller lever or swiveling lever of adjustable length. The advantage of a roller is that the service life of the lever is longer and lower actuating forces are necessary. Position limit switches from Sitec are particularly suitable for larger parts of a machine.

Sitec safety switches “Made in Germany” protect people and equipment when it counts.

Under the Sitec brand we develop and produce robust safety switches for all sectors of industry – “Made in Germany” so that you can reliably safeguard and monitor your conveyor belt systems. Our switches withstand harsh conditions indoors and outdoors and are durable and of high quality.  Our Quality Management System is based on DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and is additionally certified under ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018.   Our products of course meet the conformity requirements in relation to national and international product standards (e.g. IEC / DIN EN 60947-5-1 and IEC / DIN EN 60947-5-5) and comply with the applicable EU directives (e.g. Machinery directive, Low voltage directive, ATEX directive, EMC directive, RoHS directive, etc.).



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