Underground Loaders for Mining Industries


There is a fair amount of aftermarket work that goes into the machine before it can go underground, it needs an approved fire suppression system, proper mining approved lighting, reflective taping, fume diluters, exhaust purification systems, strobe lighting, solid wheels, etc…

The canopy can be quickly removed to fit in the haulages where there is a height restriction.

The machine can be fitted with some 170 different attachments, all with different functions.

It is a solution driven machine that can be used in critical mining applications such as revamping, spillage loading, cross cut cleaning, mud rush clean ups, trenching, digging and dumping to name a few.

Although utilised for loading primarily there are other very popular applications, such as the sweepers and hydraulic breaker attachments.  Superior ground clearance and traction control make these machines unique in the underground environment.

Because the machine is small it is cost effective to maintain.

Just some of the many attachments include:

Buckets of all shapes and sizes, Clamps, Collecting Brooms, Trailers, Pallet forks with hose clamps

Cutter crushers, Trenchers, Cement and concrete mixers, Telescopic Jib Booms, Winches, Dumpers

Rippers, Backhoes and mini diggers.

Further, MultiOne SA has also developed a tilt adaptor for attachments working on sloped terrain and closed cabs with air- conditioners for dusty environments.

The mini loaders can now also be used for support drilling, when fitted with a customised drifter attachment.



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