Lubrication Solutions to Wear Rate Reduction


Petron Corporation, located in New Berlin, Wisconsin, USA, has over 50 Years of experience manufacturing high performance lubricants focusing on surface mining, underground mining, and ore processing.  Petron Corporation’s specialty lubricants excel in lubricating equipment such as Draglines, Electric/Hydraulic Shovels, Loaders, Haul Trucks, and any other mobile pit equipment, as well as Crushers and all types of Mills.

Let’s face it

Mining Equipment is designed to have parts wear out while still maintaining the machine integrity.  While it is beneficial that high wear items can simply be replaced, it is also detrimental if these parts wear out too often.  Early wear causes loss of uptime and throughput, which negatively impacts the company’s bottom line.

A classic example of this would be the pins and bushings used in almost all mining equipment.  Petron Corporation has recognized that the traditional lubrication techniques and products no longer provide the protection needed in modern mining equipment owing to their ever-increasing demands.

Some historians call pin and bushing joints the first type of bearings.  They have been around for thousands of years and were originally used in applications such as rotating wheels on wooden axles.  However, in today’s mining world there are hundreds of machines that use various materials and configurations for their pins and bushings.  Though material construction has changed from the original plain wood pins and bushings, providing a lubricating film and eliminating contamination between the pin and bushing has not.

As seen in the photo above, traditional lubricants only penetrate a partial distance from the end of the pin toward the load zone, leaving the heaviest loaded section of the pin with marginal protection.

How is Petron Corporation different?  Petron has pioneered the development of specific high viscosity lubricants that greatly reduce wear on slow moving gears, pins, and bushings.  Traditionally, these applications were lubricated with a Multi-Purpose Grease with a soap additive.  This soap, much like a sponge, holds the base oil and additives in suspension until sufficient force is applied to squeeze out the oil into the load zone.  By their nature Multi-Purpose Greases do not flow due to their high soap content.  Formulating our products with primarily heavy viscous oils, in many cases above 50,000 cSt, along with a light carrier oil, allows Petron lubricants to have the characteristics of a much lower “apparent” viscosity lubricant.  This lower “apparent” viscosity lubricant will flow readily into a load zone, depositing select additives and high viscous oil molecules right where they are needed the most, while remaining viscous enough to eliminate the need for large amounts of soap to hold the oil in suspension.

s seen above, this action maximizes the ability of the lubricant to penetrate even the tightest tolerance pins and bushings to form a protective film of highly viscous molecules.

This lubricant film then separates even the highest loaded surfaces, greatly reducing the possibility of contact wear, while the light carrier oil washes the would-be contamination out of the load zone and safely away.

Wear reduction is the key

Today’s mining equipment uses the most sophisticated form of bronze pin bushings, and their ability to reduce wear is impressive.  Even though bronze is extremely reliable and durable, it is still designed to be a “wear” material.  The purpose of wearing is to reduce the damage to structural steel components.  The bronze bushing is much less expensive to replace than something like the loader boom arm, and, therefore, it is used as a wear material to reduce damage to the other rotating components.

Typically, in these applications there are two types of wear on pins and bushings:

  1. Galling – is when excessive contamination builds up between the pin and the bushing surface and the load pressure forces the contamination into the bronze bushing.
  2. Impact loading – is when a sudden impact is applied to the bushing surface greater than the lubricant film can withstand causing a rupture.

If proper lubrication maintenance is practiced, the replacement and/or repair of pins and bushings can be greatly reduced.  Most pins and bushings today have “lubricant grooves” on the inner diameter that aid in purging contamination from the bushing by forcing out unwanted materials while providing a film thickness for the pin to rotate on.  These lubricant grooves can also capture contamination if the proper lubrication intervals are not maintained. Therefore, wear can occur if the bushings are not purged adequately.

The use of Petron Open Gear Lubricants on your pins and bushings will form the thickest lubricant film possible allowing most contaminants to remain suspended in the film until they are purged out.  This very thick film will also cushion the blow of a sudden impact keeping the surfaces apart greatly reducing the wear rate on those parts designed to “wear out.”

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