Collision Avoidance and Fatigue Monitoring


RAMJACK Technology Solutions is a trusted advisor and a pioneer in technology integration in remote and challenging markets for the mining industry. Dedicated to helping operations achieve excellence through specialised technologies, mines can address their greatest challenges by monitoring, managing, and optimising everything that matters to them in real-time. Founded in 2013 on the back of over 50 years in the real-time mining technology space, RAMJACK helps build mines of the future through a suite of best-of-breed technology partnerships coupled with tailor-made specialised service offerings. Having partnered with the most advanced real-time mining technology producers in the industry, RAMJACK is uniquely positioned to solve the most critical mining challenges – both on surface and underground. We specialise in system integration of real-time monitoring tech, backed by industry-leading production and safety applications. By utilising the strength of each technology, RAMJACK is able to design, integrate, deploy and support the real-time monitoring requirements of any mining operation.

Working closely with technology partners who are at the forefront of personnel safety, RAMJACK trusts collision avoidance innovator, Booyco. This technology has revolutionised the way operations protect human assets amidst the ever evolving mine safety regulations. To comply with the most stringent Level 9 collision avoidance system (CAS) requirements, RAMJACK focuses on scalable, flexible and redundant technology to ensure compliance at all levels of collision avoidance. Consisting of rugged devices that communicate peer-to-peer to provide situational awareness information in real-time to equipment operators and miners, the solution is based around two components: the vehicle and the pedestrian. Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) are now required to intervene mechanically, bringing a vehicle to a stop when a dangerous situation is detected, and Booyco makes this level of safety a reality. As required by Level 9 CAS, this technology has the ability to accurately detect distance and safely stop vehicles automatically to prevent collision.

RAMJACK understands that an effective fatigue management program is a perfect complement to collision avoidance, when it comes to protecting your team while behind the wheel.  Completely eliminating fatigue incidents in heavy industry requires a predictive monitoring solution that empowers operators to manage their own alertness, based on real-time information provided by scientifically proven sensors. High levels of safety means proactively predicting the potential for fatigue incidents, and requires more than a reactive system to startle operators who have already begun to drift off to sleep. By combining brain activity measurements and proprietary fatigue prediction algorithms, Life by SmartCap is RAMJACK’s trusted partner for real-time, actionable fatigue alerts by identifying the risk of microsleep. Through predictive monitoring, this technology can completely eliminate fatigue related incidents from your operation.

It’s through collaboration with our valued technology partners, that we provide leading edge, integrated solutions for collision avoidance and fatigue monitoring. Learn more about how RAMJACK’s trusted partners for collision avoidance and fatigue management systems can bring elevated peace of mind by ensuring your most valuable asset – your people – get home safely.



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