Solving the challenges of mining communications


Modern mine operators are increasingly recognizing the need for technologically advanced communication systems for both worker safety and operational efficiency. Keeping workers connected and informed is key to a safe and efficient workplace and communications play a vital role in ensuring operational coordination.

We have asked Regional Director Carsten Laursen and Regional Sales Director Stuart Will from DAMM Cellular Systems how their communication solutions conform to these requirements.

Fail-safe voice and data communications

Why should mining companies consider a DAMM radio communication solution?

“DAMM fully understands the critical importance of fail-safe voice and data communications. We specialise in providing equipment perfectly suited to the remote, harsh environments and severe working conditions of mining operations. Our solutions provide crucial communications integration between the mining site, rail and port operations and centralised administration, enhancing both efficiency and the safety of personnel,” says Carsten.

When communication systems fail, mining companies have to stop operations, which costs millions a day. The decentralized architecture of the DAMM system combined with a fully redundant setup prevent downtime, even if the network is hit by lightning.

Along with high availability, DAMM’s system includes a wide range of other safety-enhancing features, including clear voice quality even in noisy environments, emergency calls, man-down functionality, geo-location services, multiple pre-emptive calls, broadcast messaging alerts and direct alarm dispatch to emergency units.

Easy to deploy, move and maintain

How are DAMM’s products specifically useful for the mining sector?

“Our IP65-protected outdoor base stations are built for remote areas, harsh environments from high heat and dust to rain and low temperatures. Their compact design and low weight make them easy to mount directly in masts, providing coverage for the entire mining site. In addition, their design makes them suitable for portable deploy­ment, e.g. on trailers that can be moved to adapt to changing mining locations or along haul roads. Thanks to the simple and self-configuring setup, you can quickly and seamlessly expand your system when needed,” Stuart explains.

Breakthrough TCO and proven success

What makes DAMM’s products especially suitable for the African region?

“Not only are our products built for harsh environments and for improving operational efficiency and safety. We are committed to offering solutions that ensure low CAPEX and OPEX. One of the key features of our outdoor base stations is their cost efficiency. The low power consumption saves on electricity costs and even allows a completely solar-powered solution providing portability saving costs every day.

In addition, the base stations are designed with passive cooling, which means there is no additional cooling systems requiring a power source, maintenance, or repair – indeed low maintenance is a key trait of our products. Our system is not only cost-efficient when it comes to purchasing and operating it. Due to the high reliability, you are also guaranteed a minimum of costly downtime with operations coming to a standstill,” says Carsten.

Stuart adds, “We have many years of experience in providing cost-effective solutions to major players within the mining industry around the world and have delivered systems for huge operations run by Rio Tinto, BHP, Glencore and Fortescue Metals Group (Australia), New Gold (Canada) and BUMA (Indonesia) to name but a few. We therefore have the know-how and the expertise needed to support similar large-scale operations in Africa.”

About DAMM

With its nearly 40 years in the industry, DAMM is a well-established name within TETRA radio communication and has built up extensive experience in delivering products that can endure the harsh environments that characterise the mining industry. DAMM’s TetraFlex® solution is 100% IP-based and comes with complete outdoor and/or indoor base stations and comprehensive features as well as integrated software such as network management, voice and data recording and full dispatch applications.

To learn more about our products and solutions and how we can help you, please contact

Carsten Laursen
Regional Director

Stuart Will
Regional Sales Director


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