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Delta Hydraulics was established in 1975 and is one of the the largest hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere with manufacturing facilities in Australia and Thailand. The plants can undertake the full cycle of design through to manufacture for:

  • Customised hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic cylinder repairs and refurbishment


With over 2,000 customers in 30 countries Delta has manufactured or refurbished cylinders for many of the world’s best known mining brands including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, Sandvik and Epiroc.  As well Delta has deep experience in building customised hydraulic cylinders for specialist mining equipment OEMs in the sectors of surface mining, underground mining, vertical boring and tunnel boring.  Customers include Elphinstone, Transmin, Load Quip, LoadPro and  John Holland.

Telescopic Cylinders & Hydraulic Rams

Delta can manufacture or refurbish two to five stage single or double acting telescopic cylinders, as well as a wide range of rod /ram style hydraulic cylinders.

Design Capability

Delta has an experienced team of drafting and finite element analysis engineers with a combined 70 years experience in designing and repairing fit for purpose hydraulic cylinders.

Procurement Capability

Delta has an international network of suppliers enabling it to procure a wide range of quality steel rod, steel tube, stainless steel material and seal kits to suit a myriad of customised hydraulic cylinder builds, repairs, and refurbishments.

Manufacturing Capability

Delta has a wide range of machines including:

  • CNC Lathes & Milling
  • Manual lathes
  • CNC Grinders
  • CNC Friction Welders
  • Gun Drills
  • Rotary Welders
  • Skiving and Burnishing Machines
  • Induction Hardening and Quenching
  • Electrical Discharge Machine
  • Hard Chrome Plating
  • Paint

Delta’s machine capability enables it to skive and burnish bores with Internal Diameter of up to 500 mm, and 9,000 mm in length.

Delta has the capacity to friction weld clevises to rods up to an Outer Diameter of 300 mm and a length of 3,400mm.

Annular & Internally Ported Cylinders

Delta designs, manufacturers and refurbishes annular ported telescopic cylinders and internally rod ported hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders incorporate oil extension and retraction ports which are drilled through the rod or in the annulus of the bore to enable the flow of hydraulic fluids that power the piston to flow internally without the need for external hoses or line tube.

Ceramic Treatment of Hard Chrome Plating

Delta’s proprietary ceramic treatment of hard chrome plating surfaces extends the corrosion resistance by tens of thousands of hours and is ideal for highly corrosive surface and underground mining environments.

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John White

Delta Hydraulics Pty Ltd

Phone: +61 3 6420 6900

Email: jfwhite@delhyd.com.au

Web: www.delhyd.com.au


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