Miners now can be found even through solid rock-walls. It is possible thanks to a 2 in 1 device SmartLight-05/M1. It consists of a LED Cap Lamp with an integrated Missing Person Locator (MPL). The MPL sends a low frequency signal that penetrates the rocks. It is received and processed by the latest technology receiver device called MinSearch-15. Rescue teams use this device to locate users of SmartLight-05/M1. It is possible to locate a miner within 30m in sphere, even through solid rock-walls. The signal lasts for up to a week, from the full battery charge of SmartLight-05/M1. To assist the rescue teams, PJ Tech designed an app that allows to download the list of missing/trapped miners prior to the commencement of the rescue action.

This is a significant safety improvement as the rescue duration can drastically be shortened. As a result tragedies can be avoided and miners’ lives saved.

PJ Tech, a South African manufacturer of these devices, performed multiple tests with Mine Rescue Services. The tests took place at Mine Rescue Services training centre, as well as in real mining environment. Due to the success as well as realisation of the benefits Mine Rescue Services issued a positive product evaluation report.

SmartLight-05/M1 is fully approved by SABS according to their latest SANS-1438:2013 standard. In addition the receiver MinSearch-15 has the required ATEX certification. Interestingly, SANS-1438 standard is the stringiest in the world.

Other cap lamp manufacturers can use PJ Tech’s MPL too as it is also available in a stand-alone version. It only requires to be placed under their cap lamp cover and electrical connection of its 2 wires.

Additional advantages:

  • 5 LEDs (in Head Light: 1 off Main & 3 off additional and in Battery Cover: 1 off Emergency)
  • 1000 battery charges guaranteed
  • Vertical head lamp adjustment
  • RFID tag ready
  • Cap Lamp Management Software


PJ Tech’s has also developed a very handy tool. Their Cap Lamp Management Software allows lamp room Supervisor to monitor the SmartLights. It also allows for Management reporting, maintenance planning, etc. Since it is a web based software, it can be viewed by any device with an internet browser.


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